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WiFi Spy Cameras

WiFi Spy Cameras

These bespoke Wifi spy camera are ideal for remote surveillance and have a range of features that are not normally incorporated into your average covert camera. These devices are easy to setup and install with 'plug and play' technology. You can watch remotely from you PC, Android or Apple mobiles & tablets from the other side of the world if required. Devices can be configured and record video or pictures to the same WiFi network or to an internal SD memory actually inside the WiFi camera system itself. With manual, scheduled or motion activated recording options and time/date video stamping, it really is possible to take control of your recording.

Changing settings on the WiFi spy camera in situ can often be performed by accessing Wifi spy camera from an App on your mobile or tablet or Windows PC. Monitor up to 20 of these spy cameras from the one monitoring account if required. Often built into normal everyday object these new WiFi systems really are designed to blend into the room or area when deployed.

When these wifi spy camera systems are deployed into areas with dedicated WiFi network the viewing is permanently live. Don’t confuse these with cheaper copies a these have all been carefully sourced, built and quality tested by our team. Many have custom written instructions, to guide you through setup.