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Best Hidden Spy Cameras 2018

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Best Hidden Spy Cameras 2018

Technology is moving at a fast pace especially in the DVR design technology. We are always in constant need of more security especially when we need to keep our homes and office areas under surveillance. If, for instance, you need to monitor your nannies, children, elderly relatives, pets, or employees in order to prevent any accidents or abuses, then you need the best hidden spy and security cameras in the market.

Why buy a hidden spy camera?

You may not always be at home or around your workplace. And many things can happen in your absence that either requires your attention or immediate action. The major reasons why a hidden spy camera is essential are:

  • 1.Workplace surveillance.
  • 2.Home security.
  • 3.Safety of children and elderly relatives.
  • 4.Pet security.

How to pick the best hidden spy camera

Based on the purpose this camera is needed for, there are a few things you should have in mind before picking a camera. There are different designs meant for different areas, and the functionalities are varying with each camera. Hidden cameras are usually built in common devices or objects in order to avoid detection.

  • 1.Chargers and adapters

Usually, these cameras work when they are plugged into the socket. They are perfect for home surveillance and are compatible with an optional extra 32GB micro SD card which gives them a recording time of four to six hours. The device is multi functional as it also works as a charger and sends alarm messages.

  • 2.Electrical outlets

These are easy to install, and they come do not need batteries as work on the electric supply. They are hard to detect and perfect for any area that has an electrical socket, which is every home or office space.

  • 3.Flash drives

For offices, these are quite common. This means that they are effective and undetectable. They currently offer the option of adding up to 32GB memory in flash drive format however, we have another device that can support up to 32gb in the .

  • 4.Digital clocks.

These are quite handy as they can be perfect spy cameras at home or in the office. Some of them are compatible with smartphones and can be easily controlled using special software applications and Wifi, giving you access to your camera from anywhere at any time.

  • 5.Pens.

These are the best portable spy cameras perfect for your office or home. They are fitted with tiny lenses and come in great designs. Journalists and other spy-related professions would appreciate the night vision functionality and high-quality videos.

  • 6.Desktop calculators.

These are great for offices. They are multi functional and come with an 8GB memory upgrade.

  • 7.Clothes hanger.

They come with motion detection and are great for your home. They can match any interior and are lightweight, easy to mount and provide high-quality videos. These are compatible with different MicroSD cards. They are usually ‘plug and play’, and they require no special tools or software.

  • 8.Minicams.

These are tiny cameras that often go undetected because they can be mounted on any surface. They come with tiny rechargeable batteries, built-in microphones and LED lights. They support shooting while charging, night vision and high-quality footage even at night.

  • 9.Smoke detectors.

These are perfect for home, office spaces, shops, public areas, and hallways. They provide high-quality videos and a wide field of view in the area, commonly about 120 to 170 degrees. Their night vision mode is great for low light conditions.

  • 10.Outdoor hidden cameras.

These are great to ensure that your property is protected and under surveillance. Damage can be done to your property not only by people but also animals. Most of them are waterproof, undetectable and they support night vision mode.

What to consider when buying a hidden camera

You can pick a camera based on the function you want it to perform. There are plug and play cameras, wireless cameras, wired cameras, battery operated cameras, IP cameras, and self-shot cameras. You might also want to consider:

  • 1.The quality of the video produced.
  • 2.SD card memory support capacity.
  • 3.Night-vision mode.
  • 4.Low-light filming conditions.
  • 5.Wi-Fi streaming capability.

Whether you want to protect your family, keep your office space under surveillance, protect your pets, or property, there is a camera that’s perfect for you. Head over to www.ukspygear.com and find the camera of your choice at very realistic prices. Their motion detection cameras use the very best CCD resolution chipsets superior quality, accompanied with stereo audio and the DVR board technology offers long recording times and “no drain” with long standby times. They also have excellent quality so that you will get value for your money.

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